​Licensed in Ohio since 1989

​Licensed in Michigan since 2003

​Realtor of the Year 2011-2012

​​I have done relocation for the Danberry Company for over 20 years.  I have both the personal and professional experiences to help my clients through this time period.  It is my job to make this transaction as smooth as possible. 

​Moving people is my "passion" not just my career.  I promise to make my clients experience as rewarding as possible.

I am a very positive person.  I dislike being told "no" or it "can't be done".  So I do everything in my power to accomplish the job set before me.  I will ask "why" it can't be done and then I will find a solution.

​I have served on (by election) the Board of the Toledo Regional Association of Realtors for about 10 years and on the Board of the Ohio Association of Realtors by the appointment of the sitting President.

​I have continually volunteered in several areas in order to better my community.  "Never grow weary of doing good"  and then never brag about it!

​If you have managed to read through this to this point - I thank you.


​Bottom Line:  I promise to work very hard for my clients - the end!